Ideas for the domain

A few of us were just chatting about this domain in the philippines group:
Here was my comment:  i am not sure if it's a better idea to have a meeting about or just to slowly try to build the site collaboratively.  i'm up for either although i don't have much flexibility for leaving dumaguete.  i do already have a good host, same as the rest of my drupal sites so it's easier for daily backups, updates, etc.  i did just add forums there on  if anybody wants to set up a business directory, there's probably some good module(s) so all could be listed.  just let me know and i'll ftp whatever you want into the modules directory and give anyone who wants it approval for 'administrator' permission to be able to make almost any modification (if anything gets really hosed i do have daily backups).  admins can be assumed to be competent until proven otherwise (i hope). peter 

Maybe someone could set up an aggregator for relevant blogs / news items (for instance I did something like this in the "Collected blogs" and "Collected News" tab of and just added in some google news rss alerts) - 
Some other ideas - calendar, polls, q&a section, improved "profiles", custom logo, "mission", custom theme, notifications, etc.